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Want to always feel in the know? Len Levitt's website is the place to go. Controversial, informative, insightful: he never hesitates to tackle an issue or render an opinion.”
     — William Bratton, Commissioner, NYPD

“He writes about the deals that are made in back rooms. He's not easily intimidated, and he stands his ground.”
    — Frank Serpico

“Love him or hate him, Len Levitt is required reading for many within the ranks of the NYPD, present and past. I haven't missed a column in over a decade.”
      — Chief John F. Timoney, Former First Deputy Commissioner, NYPD,
           former head of Philadelphia and Miami police department

“‘Muckraker’ is the word that comes to mind about Len Levitt. If you care about the NYPD, Len's an invaluable resource.”
      — Chris Dunn, Associate Legal Director, New York Civil Liberties Union.

“Len Levitt is the journalistic locksmith who uses his column to arm his readers with the keys that unlock those doors that guard the NYPD's dark and dirty secrets.”
      — Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, former NYPD captain

“Levitt was Newsday's ace cop reporter and drove several police commissioners around the bend with his insider exposes. [He's got a great new tell-all, NYPD Confidential, St Martin's Press.] Levitt's on-line column is still one-stop shopping for those who want to know what's going on in New York criminal justice.”
      — Village Voice.

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