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Archive » January – June 2005


January – June 2005

June 24, 2005
Miller likely to boot Kelly
Mayor Michael Bloomberg publicly begged Bernie Kerik to remain as police commissioner when Bloomberg ran for mayor in 2001. But it doesn't sound like City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Gifford Miller would ask the same of Ray Kelly.

June 10, 2005
One out of jail, one out of work
Ex-cop Francis X. Livoti's recent release after 7 years in prison seemingly marked the end to a police brutality case that became a cause celebre. But in the murky netherworld of internal cop justice - where there is often no black or white but merely shades of gray - Mario Erotokritou is considered "collateral damage."

May 20, 2005
Feds may grease wheels of justice
It was two years ago this week that Aaron Wong, a black Staten Island man, was allegedly beaten by a retired white officer and arrested, even though he suffered a broken jaw, while the retired cop was released.

May 6, 2005
FBI needs PR poo-bah
More than a month after Pasquale D'Amuro retired as head of the FBI's New York office to join the firm of former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, no replacement has been named for him.

April 29, 2005
Ferrer blames Rudy, Safir
His mayoral campaign jeopardized because of his remarks about Amadou Diallo, Fernando Ferrer sought to place them in a larger context, saying, "We all have to acknowledge the verdict of a jury. But this is not the same as saying the killing of Amadou Diallo, in his own apartment building, completely unarmed, was in any way justifiable or condonable."

April 22, 2005
Policing the police no more
Three days after he testified at a City Council hearing that the commission he headed to monitor police corruption was unable to do the job because the Police Department refused to cooperate, Mark Pomerantz told Newsday he has resigned as its head.

April 15, 2005
Commish's about-face on Finest event
Can it be true? Will Police Commissioner Ray Kelly attend the Finest Foundation's annual "Chief's Night at the Plaza," as Finest members tell Newsday?

April 8, 2005
Impending release fans a family's ire
While Amadou Diallo has become a touchstone and hot potato for this year's crop of mayoral candidates, another case of police abuse appears to have been forgotten - even though the perpetrator will be released next week after seven years in prison.

April 1, 2005
An internal family affair gone bad?
When pitcher Pedro Martinez was hammered by the Yankees, the cry among Yankee fans was, "Who's your daddy?"

March 25, 2005
Kelly's sad, new regime
Although polls reveal New Yorkers regard Ray Kelly as the most popular police commissioner in recent history, detectives in his detail are bailing out.

March 18, 2005
Diallo case still sensitive
Whether or not you think Fernando Ferrer is a political opportunist, one thing should be clear to all New Yorkers: Six years and one month after Amadou Diallo was shot dead by four cops, his death still resonates through the city like no other.

March 11, 2005
Cop may opt for plea deal
The denials of his lawyer Stuart London notwithstanding, don't be surprised if Bryan Conroy cuts a deal with prosecutors in the 2003 fatal shooting of Ousmane Zongo, an unarmed African immigrant.

March 4, 2005
Keeping quiet about summons
The blue wall of silence is alive and well at One Police Plaza.

February 25, 2005
All in the deputy's family
Garry McCarthy, the deputy commissioner for operations, has managed to turn a parking ticket for his daughter into an embarrassment for himself, his family and the NYPD.

February 18, 2005
Police foundation, NYPD get cozy
The Police Foundation - the mother of all police support groups with its $7-million annual budget - has established a new level of coziness with the Police Department.

February 11, 2005
Serious legal trouble unlikely for Kerik
Bernard Kerik may have used corrections officers to provide security at his wedding. He may have been given the free use of a Ground Zero apartment to bring his girlfriends. But according to a top city law enforcement official, there appears to be no serious criminality he can be charged with in either case.

February 4, 2005
PBA running into a wall
Relations between the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly appeared to hit bottom last year after Kelly called a cop's fatal and accidental shooting of Timothy Stansbury unjustified. Now, they've sunk even lower.

January 28, 2005
Kerik's pals also had rooms with a view
Bernard Kerik wasn't the only police official provided with a Ground Zero apartment for his personal use after 9/11.

January 21, 2005
A closer look seems in order
Is Bernard Kerik's flameout merely the very public tale of one man's personal failings? Or does the former police commissioner's fall represent some larger truths?

January 14, 2005
A posthumous hit to Markman's rep
A city judicial officer has hammered a final nail into the reputation of the late Chief of Personnel Michael Markman.

January 7, 2005
The cops have got Zuckerman's back
Sometime in November, Mortimer Zuckerman discovered he was being followed. He also told people he had been getting threatening phone calls.

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