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Archive » January – June 1998


January – June 1998

June 29, 1998
Feds investigate the Livoti three
Now that Francis X. Livoti has been found guilty in federal court of violating Anthony Baez' civil rights, police department spokeswoman Marilyn Mode says the feds are going after the cops who testified for him on perjury charges.

June 23, 1998
Lawyer’s strategy in Livoti defense
Asked yesterday what his game plan is in defending ex-cop Francis X. Livoti - on trial yet again, this time in federal court - Stu London, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association's legal Big Kahuna, answered in one word: "Justice."

June 15, 1998
One promotion, long way to go
As if to demonstrate that racism no longer exists in the New York City Police Department, its Promotion Review Board has approved Lt. Tom Higdon for the rank of captain.

June 8, 1998
Report reflects badly on brass
A top-level report on a sexual harassment complaint by a female cop comes down hard on one of the police department's most respected chiefs, Staten Island Borough Commander Gene Devlin.

June 1, 1998
Chaplain says final prayer
Speaking to a group of police retirees at a sparsely filled Knights of Columbus hall in Brooklyn on Friday, the Rev. William Kalaidjian delivered what may have been his final invocation after 41 years as a department chaplain.

May 25, 1998
Wrynn saga goes nowhere
One of the unsolved mysteries of the New York City Police Department is its handling of the Wrynns. Now Police Commissioner Howard Safir and First Deputy Pat Kelleher have made it even murkier.

May 18, 1998
Behind door 1? NYPD lawsuits
The latest resident to charge that the New York City Police Department had broken down her door and invaded her apartment searching for drugs is 27-year-old Sandra Soto of 396 New Jersey Ave., East New York, Brooklyn.

May 12, 1998
The politics of self-promotion
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani yesterday opened a self-promoting extravaganza known as the New York City Police Department's second annual spring COMPSTAT conference.

May 11, 1998
Color line seen in black, blue
In the animal farm sometimes known as the New York City Police Department, all officers are created equal but some are created more equal than others.

May 4, 1998
Punishment is relative matter
The Bible says the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons. In the New York City Police Department, the sins of retired deputy inspector Charles Luisi are being visited upon his daughter-in-law.

April 27, 1998
Safir for mayor? Some pitch idea
Police Commissioner Howard Safir for mayor? Preposterous as that sounds, more than one person says a top Safir aide is touting that suggestion about town.

April 21, 1998
Media miss VP’s stealth visit
The vice president of the United States was made to sneak in and out of One Police Plaza yesterday.

April 20, 1998
Safir’s choice a reminder?
Three-star chiefs tremble before him. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani venerates him as the man to lead the charge should the city face Armageddon.

April 6, 1998
The PBA lives loud and proud
For an organization believed by some to be mortally wounded, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association put on a pretty impressive show of life Thursday night.

March 30, 1998
Stealthy probe of cop’s beating
For the past two months, a secret investigation has been conducted into the alleged beating of an off-duty city cop by state troopers in Nassau County.

March 16, 1998
Safir briefing, he said, he said
Police Commissioner Howard Safir is growing testy when questions are raised about his stewardship of the NYPD.

March 11, 1998
Timoney sworn in as Philly’s top cop
John Timoney, the NYPD's popular former first deputy who was banished by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for calling the current commissioner a "lightweight," was sworn in yesterday as the top cop in Philadelphia.

March 10, 1998
Attack on cop cars inside job
An incident in which more than 100 tires were slashed over the weekend outside the Brooklyn precinct stationhouse where Abner Louima was allegedly sexually assaulted may have been "an inside job by cops in the precinct," a top police official told Newsday yesterday.

March 9, 1998
Supervisor now on the hot seat
Police Officer Jay Creditor made a chump of the police department - specifically of Commissioner Howard Safir, ex-First Deputy Tosano Simonetti and Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Trials Kevin Lubin.

March 3, 1998
Leffler asked to step down
The former prosecutors who run the Giuliani administration have questioned many a witness under oath. But now that a city councilman is requiring top police officials to take an oath before testifying, Deputy Mayor Randy Mastro is calling for him to "step down."

March 2, 1998
Sworn to uphold – not to testify
Police Commissioner Howard Safir's reputation for shading the facts is such that when a top deputy testified last week before the City Council, he was asked to swear an oath to tell the truth.

February 27, 1998
Fallout from crime reports
Nearly two months after Police Commissioner Howard Safir dropped his bombshell announcement that subway crime has been underreported for decades, the top subway cop has been sent a signal to retire.

February 23, 1998
Substation’s conflagration
Police Commissioner Howard Safir's controversial arrangement establishing a Wall Street police substation in return for a new Police Museum headed by his wife may not be legal under the city charter, says Councilman Sheldon Leffler (D-Hollis).

February 16, 1998
Low crime, but high priority
Police Commissioner Howard Safir has quietly arranged for a new police station with 200 officers to open this summer near Wall Street. As part of the deal, downtown business leaders have agreed to help pay for a new Police Museum of which Safir's wife is the interim chairwoman.

February 11, 1998
Rudy snubs another invite
Not content with snubbing the Grammy awards and wishing the entire extravaganza back to Los Angeles, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is staying away from another ceremony he has attended for the past three years.

February 2, 1998
Don’t cry for the PBA six
Anyone wondering where the feds' investigation into the city's police unions is heading might look to the top levels of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.

January 26, 1998
Cop slay fuels battle with DA
The word that most politely describes relations between the New York City Police Department and Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson is mistrust.

January 19, 1998
Believability missing, too
In his weekly news conferences at One Police Plaza, Police Commissioner Howard Safir has demonstrated a remarkable ability to say the most preposterous things with a straight face. Some might even call them lies.

January 12, 1998
Here’s the real subway crime
Even someone with a pea brain would be hard-pressed to accept Police Commissioner Howard Safir's story of the under-reporting of subway crime.

January 9, 1998
Stonewall on subway stats
Police Commissioner Howard Safir's bombshell announcement that subway crime has been underreported for decades came the day before he'd promised to release the same information to the Daily News.

January 6, 1998
Let the 1998 games begin
Here are some predictions of what might occur around One Police Plaza in 1998..

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