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Archive » January – June 1996


January – June 1996

June 25, 1996
No charges for cops in Queens melee
Queens District Attorney Richard Brown announced yesterday that he lacked sufficient evidence to bring charges against three cops who the department said instigated a melee at a Queens church last summer.

June 24, 1996
Gloomy rumors for a top cop
Poor Chief of Detectives Charlie Reuther.

June 23, 1996
It’s the DA’s call in church brawl
Queens District Attorney Richard Brown is to announce tomorrow whether he will bring criminal charges against three cops the New York Police Department says instigated a melee at a Queens church last summer.

June 17, 1996
Two stars shine brightly at Jay
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani may have dismissed Police Commissioner William Bratton and his First Deputy Commissioner John Timoney, but their stars still shine over academia.

June 15, 1996
Rudy’s pithy policy on right to know
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and his First Deputy, Police Commissioner Howard Safir, said yesterday that the department had no obligation to inform the public of certain crimes that occur in the city, including the alleged attack by John Royster on a 52-year-old woman as she speed-walked near the 60th street heliport.

June 10, 1996
Pals: McAlary and Timoney
Ex-police Capt. Steve Davis, master of ceremonies at ex-Commissioner Bill Bratton's farewell bash at the Hilton last week, introduced ex-First Deputy John Timoney as a man whose speech was difficult to understand but whose remarks could be read the next day in Mike McAlary's column in the Daily News.

June 8, 1996
His Honor vs Hizzoner
Angered by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's criticism of his granting low bail to a man charged with causing the death of a city cop, State Supreme Court Judge Burton Roberts of the Bronx said in effect that he didn't need any advice from the mayor or anyone else.

June 3, 1996
The mayor’s Bronx cheer
When Rudy Giuliani hears the word "Bronx," a bell goes off in his head, and like a punch-drunk fighter, no matter where he is, he yells the word "Guilty!"

May 28, 1996
Private $pay consultant
Two months ago, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani shoved William Bratton out the door of One Police Plaza largely because of Bratton's grandiloquent claims that his - rather than the mayor's - "strategies" had produced the city's dramatic decreases in crime.

May 27, 1996
Mayor scolds Bronx again
Perhaps because his offer to personally prosecute the Bronx man whose actions, authorities say, led to the death of a city cop did not make the front page of any newspaper, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani made the offer a second time at a City Hall news conference Friday.

May 22, 1996
Did Rudy say Safir goofed?
Daily News publisher Mortimer Zuckerman said yesterday that Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Police Commissioner Howard Safir had privately assured him that Safir's barring of a Daily News reporter at a police briefing was a "mistake" and would not happen again.

May 20, 1996
Jewish group attacks Safir
The city's first Jewish police commissioner - as Mayor Rudolph Giuliani portrays Howard Safir - didn't make many Jewish friends when he served for two years as fire commissioner.

May 13, 1996
Safir’s religion at center stage
Here are some of the events Police Commissioner Howard Safir attended with Mayor Rudolph Giuliani over the past eight days:

May 10, 1996
City Hall still calls the shots
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced the appointment yesterday of Chief Tosano Simonetti as first deputy commissioner, a position believed by some to have been held by Howard Safir.

May 6, 1996
Charm school for top cops
For the past few months, some at Police Plaza have noticed something different about the NYPD's rough-and-tough top uniformed cop, Chief of Department Louie Anemone. He actually seems nicer.

April 29, 1996
First deputy is anybody’s guess
Two weeks after his appointment as police commissioner, Howard Safir has yet to appoint a first deputy.

April 22, 1996
Too distracted to help Safir
Police Commissioner Howard Safir says he wants to reach out to minority communities. But he shouldn't expect much help from the NYPD's two largest minority fraternal organizations, the Guardians Association of Black Officers and the Hispanic Society.

April 16, 1996
Safir sworn in in high style
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was apparently so glad to be rid of Bill Bratton as police commissioner that he held a mammoth outdoor swearing-in ceremony for replacement Howard Safir that (except for his son Andrew) rivaled Giuliani's own swearing-in two years ago.

April 15, 1996
Safir faces his first test
Sworn in today as police commissioner, Howard Safir may soon face his first test over who runs the NYPD: he or Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

April 10, 1996
Boston Bill vows it's Apple forever
For better or for worse, for richer or poorer (and clearly, he hopes it will be the former), outgoing Police Commissioner William Bratton says he'll be with us in the Big Apple 'till the end of his days.

April 8, 1996
Guardians in major quarrel
While One Police Plaza seethes with the resignations of top officials, it's mayhem as usual for the Guardians Association of Black Officers.

April 5, 1996
How voices were raised for Timoney
In the recent shakeup at One Police Plaza, tensions between Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and many in the Police Department run deep.

April 3, 1996
Bratton's Maple branching out of headquarters
One Police Plaza is still standing today, despite the announcement that Deputy Commissioner Jack Maple is departing.

April 2, 1996
One more top cop walks out door
Deputy police commissioner Jack Maple resigned late yesterday afternoon, following a meeting with incoming police commissioner Howard Safir.

March 18, 1996
Top cops: how many freebies?
Now that Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says he's investigating Police Commissioner William Bratton's freebie weekend with his millionaire so-called friend Henry Kravis, he may want to open the lid on that Pandora's box a little wider.

March 11, 1996
Giuliani rewards political friend
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani may boast he's cutting city jobs, but he's just filled a position that's been vacant for the past three years.

March 8, 1996
As he said before, he's not leaving
Police Commissioner William Bratton was a last-minute, no-show at two public appearances yesterday, adding to a crescendo of speculation he is about to leave the department.

March 4, 1996
Guardians' boss is making waves
Elected president of the Guardians Association of black police officers just two months ago, Eric Sanders is making big waves.

February 26, 1996
Bratton shuffle gets under way
Assistant Chief Benny Foster, the borough commander of Brooklyn North, was transfered last week to the office of Chief of Patrol.

February 19, 1996
Mayoral list grows for PBA
Add Comptroller Alan Hevesi to the list of candidates whom the Patrolman's Benevolent Association might support for mayor in 1997.

February 12, 1996
A vacuum on corruption
With veteran corruption prosecutor Nicholas Scopetta taking over the Child Welfare Administration, who will succeed him as head of the mayoral commission to monitor police corruption?

February 5, 1996
Sharpton's cop talk
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Police Commissioner William Bratton are to attend Wednesday's swearing-in of the newly-elected president of the Guardians Association of black police officers at John Jay College.

January 22, 1996
Big cracks in blue wall
Anyone who doesn't see a problem between Chief of Department Louie Anemone and Chief of Detectives Charles Reuther had better run to an ophthalmologist. Or read Anemone's Jan. 8 memo to Reuther, titled "Plans and Expectations for 1996."

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