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Archive » July – December 1995


July – December 1995

December 26, 1995
Not a criminal was stirring ...
The night before Christmas, Police Commissioner William Bratton and his sidekick, Deputy Commissioner Jack Maple, decided to stroll down Fifth Avenue to see how many people recognized them.

December 18, 1995
Indicted Cop's Party Called Off
Police Officer Francis X. Livoti was supposed to have been feted at a fund-raising "racket" last Thursday night.

December 11, 1995
Politics in Play On Sick Leave
Detective Brian Mulheren, on sick leave for the past two years following a fabled car accident, will be examined by a police surgeon this week. Judging from the tone of voice of Health Service's Inspector Vinnie Mansfield, he'll be found fit for duty.

December 4, 1995
Investigating Squeegeegate
One of Police Commissioner William Bratton and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's proudest and repeated boasts is that they solved the so-called "squeegee" problem.

November 27, 1995
$150,000 Says City Is Beaten
The city has agreed to pay $150,000 to an attorney who says he was beaten by Police Officer Stuart Goldstein inside the Midtown North stationhouse after he tried to serve Goldstein with a summons.

November 13, 1995
Officer Otto Strikes Again
Capt. Louis Manetta of the 33rd Precinct is set to retire from the NYPD. His rumored departure follows news reports that a star witness of the Mollen Commission on police corruption admitted he committed perjury in six cases as a cop.

November 6, 1995
Morgenthau's Cursed Feud
Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau may be to the manor born, but he can curse like a boilermaker.

October 30, 1995
Officer 'Otto' Cashing In?
Police Officer "Otto," the Mollen Commission's star witness, may soon be forced to resign from the NYPD because he allegedly perjured himself as a cop, but he could still make big bucks out in Hollywood.

October 23, 1995
Cop's Drink Was Stinger
Police Officer Billy Danchak of Queens' 103rd Precinct and president of the precinct's 103 Club decided it might be a good idea to have a Snapple machine installed. So he had one installed in the precinct's muster room next to the candy, soda and juice machines. But unlike the others, the Snapple machine didn't make money. There were never enough dollar bills in its changer to justify restocking it.

October 16, 1995
Promoter's a Pal Of Cops and PBA
Yes, that was Don King amid the kilted bagpipers at the funeral of police Sgt. Finbar Devine, the Emerald Society drum major who led the St. Patrick's Day Parade for 35 years.

July 24, 1995
Law’s the law
Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes recently announced the conviction of police Sgt. Robert Santana for harassing his neighbor and falsely accusing her of possessing a handgun.

July 10, 1995
The Person Missing From Giuliani's Side
For three weeks now, Communications Director Cristyne Lategano has been conspicuously absent from the mayor's entourage at some highly visible police functions.

July 3, 1995
NYPD Hispanic Society Purges Borough Bigs
The president of that political hotbed, the NYPD's Hispanic Society, has just dismissed all its borough trustees.

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