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Archive » January – June 1995


January – June 1995

June 26, 1995
Black Cop Loses Bid To Join PBA Board
The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association lost its chance last week to elect its first black board member when Warren Binford III was defeated, and defeated badly.

June 19, 1995
Cristyne Lategano: Power Behind Throne
Following the subway crash on the Williamsburg Bridge two weeks ago, the mayor's communications director, Cristyne Lategano, chewed out a high-ranking police official at the crash site, police and City Hall sources say. The official's sin? Arranging a news briefing for reporters without clearing it with her.

June 12, 2006
Marriage on Rocks After Romp in D.C.
In announcing the names of three police officers disciplined in connection with their actions at the Washington, D.C. bacchanal, Commissioner William Bratton never mentioned a fourth officer placed on modified assignment last week.

May 28, 1995
Pressurized; A la City Hall, Bratton's distrust of media grows
The poison of City Hall has infected One Police Plaza. The venom between Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the City Hall press corps has been passed along to Commissioner William Bratton and the police reporters who cover him.

May 22, 1995
Cops' Wild Romp: Seen It, Been There
Here's some advice for Commissioner William Bratton on the NYPD's night of debauchery in Washington, D.C., from a veteran police corruption investigator.

April 10, 1995
Happy to See You Get Your Transfer
Probably no one is happier in New York at the transfer of Chief Ray Abruzzi to head the Brooklyn detective division than Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

March 20, 1995
After 6 Years, Wall Crumbles
Finally, after six years, attorney Jonathan Herzog is getting his day in court.

March 13, 1995
Two-Day Career At Info Office
Bradford Billet lasted just two days at One Police Plaza.

March 6, 1995
Everyone's Behind Giuliani's PR Pick
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani passed over his beleaguered Police Commissioner William Bratton's first choice to run the NYPD's public information office, but Bratton quickly rebounded by pronouncing himself "delighted" with the mayor's temporary choice, Tom Kelly.

February 27, 1995
Koch: Lay Off The Commish
The next flashpoint between Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Police Commissioner William Bratton may turn on John Miller's successor as Deputy Commissioner for Public Information - and the process by which he (or she) is selected.

February 23, 1995
Giuliani Copped the Power
If there remains any doubt about who is running the NYPD, doubt no more: it is Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

February 13, 1995
The Big Chief Does It His Way
There is the chief, and then there is The Chief.

February 10, 1995
Did Image Polish Wipe Out His Job?
The man hired by Police Commissioner William Bratton to polish his image may have done his job too well, a top police official said yesterday.

February 6, 1995
DA's Graft Probe Kept Bratton 'Out of Loop'
When Police Commissioner William Bratton fired Walter Mack, the deputy commissioner in charge of the Internal Affairs Bureau, he claimed Mack had kept him "out of the loop."

January 30, 1995
Bratton's Wife Joins O.J. TV
Cops watching the O.J. Simpson trial on television at One Police Plaza (and at the well-patronized bar across the street called the Metropolitan Improvement Company) may have noticed Cheryl Fiandaca getting more air time than her police commissioner husband.

January 23, 1995
Angry Cops Bolt Suicide Seminar
With the number of city cops committing suicide reaching a frightening total last year of 12 - not one of whom had contacted the department's psychological services unit for help before their deaths - department officials are seeking assistance wherever they can find it.

January 16, 1995
Judge Bristles At Plea for Cops
One of Phil Caruso's last acts before announcing his retirement as president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association was to call State Sen. Olga Mendez of East Harlem. His purpose: to complain about the sentences given Lt. Patricia Feerick and three subordinates who had been convicted of trashing an East Harlem apartment while holding its two occupants at gunpoint. Acting State Supreme Court Justice Bonnie Wittner sentenced Feerick and two others to prison; the fourth drew probation.

January 9, 1995
Top Cop Names His Price: $1M
So now it's Million Dollar Bill. That's the price Police Commissioner William Bratton has placed on his services, should he decide to leave as the city's top cop.

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