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Archive » July – December 1994


July – December 1994

December 12, 1995
Ozone Park Capt. Gets to the Bottom Of School Crime
Artie Storch, the new captain of Ozone Park's 106th Precinct, suspected a cover-up.

December 5, 1994
Patting Himself On the Back
Police Commissioner William Bratton has been congratulating himself and the NYPD for dramatic declines in crime this year, including a 9.8-percent drop in homicides. He and Deputy Commissioner for Crime Strategies Jack Maple credit the department's innovative police strategies.

November 28, 1994
Cop's Conviction Has Other Side
The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association vows it will deplete its treasury if necessary to vindicate her. A lieutenants association has taken out a newspaper advertisement calling her conviction and prison sentence a betrayal. Top police officials expressed shock that an officer could be sent to prison for a crime resulting in no monetary gain and no physical injury to the complainant.

November 14, 1994
'Disabled' Cops Get Sour Detail
Eleven police officers were quietly transferred last week to the department's court section, where they will become "cell attendants."

November 7, 1994
At Long Last, Officers Fete Woman of the Year
With Donna Hanover Giuliani and Commissioner William Bratton attending, the Policewomen's Endowment Association presented its first-ever Woman of the Year award Thursday night. The recipient was the department's highest-ranking woman, Gertrude LaForgia, the first female promoted to deputy chief in 16 years.

October 31, 1994
Antigun Poster Features a Fake
The little girl's photograph formed the centerpiece of an antigun campaign launched last week at One Police Plaza. Blonde and blue-eyed, she stared out from a poster reading: "Lindsay Walsh was killed with a 9mm handgun by an 8-year-old boy."

October 24, 1994
Cops Miffed At Queens DA
Richard Brown's love affair with the city Police Department is apparently over.

October 17, 1994
Police Actions Speak Volumes
What began with a suicide attempt earlier this month in the scandal-plagued 30th Precinct station house ended with an extraordinary seven-hour, no-holds-barred debate between the precinct's cops and the NYPD's top brass, who the cops accused of "tearing people and the precinct apart."

September 26, 1994
Two Legal Eagles Are Birds of a Feather
A city comptroller's audit of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association's Health and Welfare Fund criticizes the PBA's hiring of its law firm - which the city finances to the tune of nearly $ 4 million annually. That money provides free legal representation for city cops in both job-related and personal matters - all at taxpayer expense.

September 12, 1994
Ex-Gang Boss Sees Dollar Signs
Former Chinatown gang boss Yin Poy, better known as Nicky Louie, served 10 years in prison. Now, he's hoping to make crime pay with the help of the detective who spent a career tracking him down - and Deputy Police Commissioner John Miller.

August 8, 1994
Police Suicide: No New Answers to Old Problem
The incident that prompted Capt. Terrence Tunnock to go to federal authorities a week before committing suicide involved a 10-man rogue unit, the Raiders.

August 7, 1994
DOUBLE LIFE: The Shattering Affair Between Chief Judge Sol Wachtler and Socialite Joy Silverman, by Linda Wolfe. Pocket, 286 pp., $22.

July 4, 1994
Waiting for NYPD To Dole Out Cash
Sgt. Thomas Kennedy has filed a $3 million lawsuit against the police department, claiming it violated his civil rights by suspending him for 14 months after fiddling with the results of his drug test. He best not plan to spend the money soon.

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