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Archive » January – June 1994


January – June 1994

June 27, 1994
With Armao Leaving, Who'll Watch the Cops?
Mollen Commission counsel Joseph Armao will soon return to private law practice, leaving what many believe was the most thankless job in city government.

June 13, 1994
Bratton Treks To Get Pension
Police Commissioner William Bratton will soon be spending some time in Boston: The reason: he's been advised by Boston's City Council President James Kelly to lobby legislators for his special pension bill.

June 6, 1994
Bratton May Get Bay State Pension
Police Commissioner William Bratton and his wife, Cheryl Fiandaca, are not merely a New York City power couple. They also have clout up in Boston, their hometown. Enough clout that friends are pushing special legislation that would give Bratton a combined Boston and Bay State pension.

May 30, 1994
Advice for Miller
The doyenne of police public relations, Alice McGillion, has some advice for the beleaguered NYPD spokesman, John Miller. "John has some rebuilding to do. He could have a credibility problem for the immediate future. It's nothing he can't overcome, but he obviously can't do what he did again."

May 23, 1994
Park Rape Case: Whose Hoax?
Last week, Police Commissioner William Bratton finally did it. He finally, officially and on the record, said that forensic evidence indicates the Prospect Park rape case is not a hoax - despite two reports to the contrary by Daily News columnist Mike McAlary.

May 16, 1994
So, Who's Watching This Investigation?
Guess who is conducting the interviews with witnesses in the case of Ernest Sayon, who died in police custody on Staten Island?

May 2, 1994
Career, Policy Are Finished
The NYPD says a case like that of Officer Eric Mercer of Brooklyn's 77th Precinct can never happen again. Mercer, 29, a cop for just two years, was fired last week for refusing to take a drug test. His career began as badly as it ended.

April 25, 1994
Internal Affairs' Longtime Chief Speaks His Mind
While the Mollen Commission hashes out which of its recommendations on police corruption are politically expedient, here's some straight talk from the master: John Guido, chief of Internal Affairs for 14 years, when it was a model for police departments around the country.

April 11, 1994
Corrupt Cop Got Free Legal Help
Of the two dozen witnesses who appeared before the Mollen Commission on Police Corruption, none provided more shocking testimony than Bernard Cawley, a 230-pound bruiser from the 46th Precinct in the Bronx. He described how he had stolen drugs, raped a prostitute, burglarized residences and indiscriminately beaten up dealers and civilians alike for no discernible reason but to "tune them up," thus acquiring for himself the sobriquet, "The Mechanic."

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